The Firm
Urban Design
Gemmayze Village
1 2 3
93,000 m2

Iconic: A landmark of the 21st-century city with a modern monolith in the cityscape of Beirut.
Clarity: A unitary monolith that is divided into three parts, through a clear stacking, namely, a base which accommodates the lobbies, the public facilities, the garden, and the furnished apartments; a body which accommodates three types of apartments; and a crown which houses the duplexes and the suspended garden. The proposal aims to incorporate unity and fragmentation instead of allowing these to be in opposition.
Efficiency: By standardizing the structure layout to minimize construction cost and to accommodate the phasing of the project in an efficient manner.
Sufficiency: By integrating cultural activities as a theater, an exhibition center, a health club, a dance floor and all other amenities, this building will be a major interface between dwellers and the neighboring inhabitants.

Design team: Elie-Pierre Sabbag, Naji Assi, David Germanos
Competition for 36 Floors apartment buildings
Total built-up area: 93,000m2