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Clemenceau_Residential Tower
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50,000 m2

The Clémenceau Residential Tower becomes a landmark of Beirut’s landscape extending the new silhouette of the city. A unitary tower that is defined by a band of balconies and terraces creating through a series of parallel lines clarity and legibility. A penthouse crowns the tower offering uninterrupted sea and mountain views.
The typical floor layout develops along a wide main dorsal spine allowing flexibility in the interior spatial design. The L-shaped reception space stretches on 22 meters including a large dining room, three reception spaces and a study/ sitting room. All the reception spaces as well as the bedrooms benefit from a 36-meter-long terrace and balconies with glazed balustrades offering sheltered external spaces and generous views.
Standardizing the structure layout to minimize construction cost and to accommodate both a free open plan and a functional grid in the tower base (ground and basement floors).

Design team : Elie-Pierre Sabbag, Naji Assi,

Program :
Competition for 17 Floors apartment building
Total built-up area: 50,000m2