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Convivium IV
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6,000 m2

Our intention was to introduce a new scale of residential urban development in the traditional neighbourhood of Gemmayzeh that allows a close proximity of old and new to exist without compromising either, but enhancing both.
Accessed from a private road, Convivium IV comprises a renovated traditional town house and four new duplexes located in a contemporary building adjacent to it. The restored house accommodates a private gym and a spa area, while the eight-floors building provides suspended gardens overlooking the preserved neighbourhood. Duplexes are similar in area to traditional houses that make up the charm of Gemmayzeh, but allow for a modern and open habitation which reflects a modern lifestyle.

Design Team: Elie-Pierre Sabbag, Bachir Moujaes

Program :
Apartments buildings and a private villa: 6,000 m2
Preliminary Design