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Msaitbe 3712
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10,000 m2

A multifamily apartment building competition for 4 members of the same family. The brief stated the program for each apartment ranging from elderly couples to couples with children. A common entertaining area was also scheduled. Based on the concept of an, The design introduced a villa typology that transformed a multilayer building into “hotel particulier” that responded to the identity of the owners. Each apartments was coordinated from the start with an Interior Designer.

Elie-Pierre Sabbag, Naji Assi, architects
Head Architect : Bachir Moujaes, architect
Architect on site : Yara Akl , architect
Graphic Design : Bassam Kahwagi
Structural : Rodolphe Mattar
E-M : Associated Mechanical Engineers, Mohammad Mehio, Mohammad Nasser
Landscape : Francis Landscapes
Acoustical : Pierre Geara
Contracting : S.E.G. s.a.l.
Owner’s rep : Nabil Nassar, Neda Stevenson, N.E.S.

Programme :
Residential Building : 10.000 m2
Competition : December 2002
Completion : Mach 2007