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90,000 m2

Our design of an intelligent offices complex, located in the duty free business area of Aqaba, aims for a better working environment by thoroughly implementing international intelligent offices standards based on ease of movement, legibility, continuity, diversity, flexibility and sustainability. It generates a working micro-environment that responds to Aqaba’s natural, urban and architectural context, designed in a timeless contemporary architecture.
Modular minimalist blocks comprise flexible offices. They are separated by outdoor geometrical courtyards protected from the sun and the wind and featuring landscaped areas and water elements, surrounded by outdoor galleries and covered streets. Intense greenery cools the air and creates shades, sound and dust filters, thus enhancing quality of the working environment.

Design team : Elie-Pierre Sabbag, Bachir Moujaes

Program :
Competition for a series of mid-rise office buildings
Total built-up area: 90,000m2