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Qatar Navigation Tower
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140,300 m2

This proposal responds to a commission made by Qatar Navigation, a leading shipping company, to build a tower comprising offices for rent as well as their headquarters. Our design responds to the regional and international scale of Qatar Navigation, by creating a 200 m high, 55 offices floors punctuated by technical floors. All main facilities are configured within four central cores, allowing individual lobbies and open-plan layout for the offices. Historically, the forefathers of navigation identified the Northern Star as the still point in a turning world. The tower borrows its form from al-mismar (meaning “the pin”), defining a strong vertical landmark in the emerging cityscape of Doha. The prominent offices of Qatar Navigation culminate on highest floor defining a larger platform. They are crowned by four large glazed domes of 15 m diameter each. The floor is animated by ten internal patios with a restaurant and a planetarium.

Team: Elie-Pierre Sabbag, Naji Assi, Bachir Moujaes
Program: 45 Floors office building
Total built-up area: 140,000m2