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Tripoli Islands
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The competition brief aimed at preserving and revitalizing the islands of Ramigin, Ile des Lapins and Sanani facing the city of Tripoli, as well as the shoreline of the old maritime port of al-Mina and its neighboring small islands. Our proposal was to create a fourth man-made island with an exclusive tower hotel offering views towards the Mediterranean, Tripoli and the Cedars. This resort would be sited in a way that invites visitors to pass through the city of al-Mina and reach a pier operating on two levels: an upper pedestrian promenade and a lower glazed tunnel with a shuttle for public transport to al-Bellan Island, and a further public space where events would be organized. A separate shuttle would transport visitors directly to the resort. The existing bridge leading to the nearby small island of al-Bakar would be replaced by an elevated garden offering views towards the sea and the various islands just off the coast. This project would generate an ambitious touristic program while preserving the natural balance of the islands; the decision of not inhabiting these islands guarantees that their ecosystems are protected in the future.