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Urban Design
IC Dubai
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1,300 m2

The commission was for an iconic project for a restaurant in Dubai. We imagined a floating ice cube on the Dubai creek emerging as a precise intervention unexpected in the skyline of the city. Located next to the Garhoud Bridge, the restaurant is visible from any point along the creek corniche line. We extended the promenade with a walkway inclined towards the Ice Cube, putting the pedestrians in a surrealistic scene in which they appear to walk on water. The façades are constructed from an innovative Texlon Foil System fixed on a platform that is accessed from the corniche. All outdoor areas, including the walkway, are cooled through a misting system. This unique atmosphere surrounding the Ice Cube offers unlimited views across the surface of the water towards the hazy silhouette of Dubai.

Design team : Elie-Pierre Sabbag, Naji Assi, Bachir Moujaes

Program :
Restaurant and Lounge bar